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Alberta Law Foundation.

The Alberta Law Foundation is the recipient of the interest which banks, credit unions, trust companies, and treasury branches pay on clients' funds held in lawyers' pooled trust accounts. (This does not include interest paid on a specific trust investment held for an individual client). The interest is made available by the Foundation by way of grants to organizations engaged in activities which are considered to be in keeping with the Foundation's objects

Upcoming Grant Application Deadlines

Board Meeting: October 7, 2019

Draft due:              August 22, 2019
Final due:          September 9, 2019

Board Meeting: November 18, 2019

Draft due:                September 26, 2019
Final due:                October 15, 2019

Subsequent meeting dates and deadlines can be obtained by contacting the Foundation office.



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How To Apply How To Apply

Please start by reviewing the objects and funding policies of the Foundation, as well as the general grant evaluation criteria which will help assess the fit of your proposal with the Foundation’s objects. You must then have a discussion with a Grants Coordinator. The Foundation does not accept grant applications for new projects or programs without first having had a discussion about the proposal with the prospective applicant. See the How to Apply page for complete instructions. Staff can assist with the application process but the funding decision rests with the Board of Directors.