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General Information

The Alberta Law Foundation was established under the Legal Profession Act, effective April 1, 1973. The Foundation is the recipient of the interest which banks, credit unions, trust companies, and treasury branches must pay on clients' funds held in lawyers' general trust accounts. This does not include interest paid on a specific trust investment held for an individual client. The interest is made available by the Foundation by way of grants to organizations engaged in activities which are considered to be in keeping with the Foundation's objects.


The objects of the Foundation, as set out in the Legal Profession Act, are:

(i)     conducting research into and recommending reform of law and the administration of justice;

(ii)    establishing, maintaining, and operating law libraries;

(iii)    contributing to the legal education and knowledge of the people of Alberta and providing programs and facilities for those purposes;

(iv)    providing assistance to native people's legal programs, student legal aid programs, and programs of like nature;

(v)    contributing to the costs incurred by the Legal Aid Society of Alberta to administer a plan to provide legal aid. (This contribution has been legislated to be 25% of the revenue from general trust accounts).

Board of Directors

The Foundation's funds are administered by a Board of Directors consisting of seven members; three are appointed by the Alberta Minister of Justice, two by the Benchers of the Law Society of Alberta, and two others by the other Directors. The Directors meet regularly to decide on grant applications, and policy matters with respect to the general administration of the Foundation's affairs, including the collection and investment of funds.

Appointed by the Minister of Justice:

  • Cindy Lang, LLB, Edmonton
  • Karen Gallagher-Burt, MSW, Calgary
  • Monica Kreiner, M. Ed. CMed., Grouard 

Appointed by the Law Society of Alberta:

  • Paul. G. Chiswell, Calgary
  • William H. Hendsbee, Q.C., LLB, Edmonton 

Appointed by the Alberta Law Foundation Board of Directors:

  • Stephanie L. Dobson, J.D., Lloydminster, Chair of the Board
  • Drew Thomson, MBA, FCPA, FCMA, Edmonton 

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