Published On: July 12, 2021

The Alberta Law Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of Remote Legal Services to Low-Income Albertans: Challenges and Best Practices. The report was developed based on feedback from the Bridging the Gaps group and extensive online research and interviews. The report includes:

  • Silver linings of the transition to remote legal service delivery during the pandemic
  • Challenges with remote legal service delivery
  • Service modifications in response to the pandemic
  • Literature review about best practices
  • Innovative projects and hubs in the US and Canada
  • Technology tools and resources
  • Resources about evaluation

We hope this report will help reinforce best practices already in place in Alberta, highlight remote legal service delivery projects across Canada and the US, and provide some ideas to further improve remote legal service delivery in Alberta.

The Foundation greatly appreciates the time and expertise of everyone involved in this research project. Please send any comments, or requests for an accessible format for visually impaired readers, to Flora Stevenson (Research & Community Engagement Coordinator) at

The report can be downloaded here.

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