Our Approach

We pride ourselves on being approachable. We encourage all organizations interested in applying to the Alberta Law Foundation, especially for the first time, to submit an inquiry through our Grants Portal. If you are not ready to submit a formal inquiry but would like to have a conversation with the Grants Team to learn more about Foundation funding, please contact one of our Grants Team members.

Who Can Apply

Our grants are available to an organization that is incorporated as a non-profit entity or is a First Nation or Band Council. You may also apply if you are a subdivision of an incorporated entity, or operate as an unincorporated association with a board of directors or equivalent supervisory body.

Ineligible to Apply


Government Departments

For-profit ventures

How to Apply



Assess the alignment of your project

Review the following information to assess your project’s alignment with Foundation funding:



Submit an Inquiry

You can submit an inquiry to the Foundation via the Alberta Law Foundation Grant Portal. Inquiries must be submitted through the Grant Portal at least two months prior to the Draft Application deadline for the meeting you would like to apply to.



Register on the Foundation Grant Portal

Grant-seekers who pass the Eligibility Quiz on the Grant Portal must also complete the Registration Form in the Grant Portal. Once the Registration Form has been submitted, you will be contacted by the Foundation’s Grants Team to discuss your proposal.



Submit a Draft Grant Application

Grant-seekers whose proposals are closely aligned with the Foundation’s objects and priorities will be invited to complete a written draft application on the Alberta Law Foundation Grant Portal. The Grants Team will review the draft and provide feedback and pose additional questions with a view to strengthening your proposal.



Submit your Final Grant Application

The final grant application is submitted through the Grant Portal and will be reviewed by the Foundation Board of Directors at their next meeting.

When to Apply

The Alberta Law Foundation Board of Directors reviews applications four times a year. See the Application Deadlines page for details.