Grant Types and Amounts

There are two types of Project grants:

Small Project Grants:

The maximum amount available for each project is $100,000 for a term of two years or less.

Small Project Grant applications are accepted year-round, and a decision is usually communicated to the applicant six to eight weeks after the application is received.

Large Project Grants:

There is no maximum budget for a large project grant. The term of the grant must be two years or less.   

Large Project Grant applications will be considered at regularly scheduled Board meetings with application deadlines determined annually and posted publicly on the Foundation’s website 

Who Can Apply

  • Non-profits
  • Indigenous communities and organizations

Grant-seeking organizations based outside Alberta must demonstrate substantial connections within the province. Additionally, their proposed programs or research projects must directly benefit Albertans.

Grant-seekers do not need to be registered charities. Grant-seekers do not need to identify as specifically law-focused organizations as long as the proposed work relates to Canadian law or Indigenous law.

Eligible Use of Funds

Organizations and projects that are eligible for funding must align with the Foundation’s objects and seek to increase access to justice with priority given to those serving individuals facing vulnerabilities or barriers. Please review the Foundation’s policies to find out more about which organizations are eligible to apply, what the Foundation does not fund and to see our general grant requirements and evaluation criteria. 

Consideration will be given to projects which: 

  • Undertake research to develop recommendations for reforming the law or the administration of justice to help ensure the justice system evolves to meet the needs of Albertans.

  • Support the establishment, maintenance or operations of law libraries that are open to the public. 

  • Provide legal information and/or education to help Albertans understand their legal rights and obligations and what they can expect from the justice system.

  • Provide direct services such as legal advice or representation in response to specific need within Alberta, with a particular focus on individuals facing vulnerabilities or barriers.

All requests must be proportionate to and justified by the quantitative and qualitative impact of the proposed services to Albertans. 

If you are not ready to submit a formal inquiry but would like to have a conversation with the Grants Team to learn more about Foundation funding, please contact one of our Grants Team members. 

Ready to Apply?