Special Grant Calls

The Alberta Foundation funds numerous organizations across Alberta through their regular granting program. They may also issue special grant calls each year and make funding available for specific purposes to address some of the needs identified in the 2023 Needs Assessment report. This will provide an opportunity for existing grantees and others to enhance their organizational capacity and address unmet needs in the community. These are the current funding opportunities.

Investing in Technology and Cybersecurity Special Grant Call

The Alberta Law Foundation (the Foundation) has established an Investing in Technology and Cybersecurity fund (the Fund) in the amount of $1,000,000 for a one-year period to support initiatives that advance technology and cybersecurity measures in programs and organizations currently funded by the Foundation. The purpose of this call is to provide financial assistance to projects that enhance technological capability, strengthen technology risk management, or foster innovation in management, administration, program delivery, evaluation and risk management processes and practices using technology.

Who Can Apply

The Fund is open to organizations operating a program or project funded by the Alberta Law Foundation.

Grant Amount

The maximum amount available for each project is $50,000. Organizations may bring multiple projects; however, each must meet a distinct need.

Call for Applications and Deadlines

Applications will be accepted for one year starting September 11, 2023.