Stage 1

Grant-seekers will complete an inquiry form using the Foundation’s online grant portal. The inquiry form can be accessed using the links below:

If you have any questions about how to submit an inquiry form, please contact the Strategic Grants team.

After submitting the inquiry form, the Foundation may contact you to have a conversation to learn more about your proposal.

Stage 2

Foundation staff will review the information provided in the inquiry form as well as consider any additional information provided through conversation and decide if your proposal is a fit with the fund. If it is a fit, an application will be released to you and you will move to Stage 3.

If your proposal is not determined to be a fit with the fund, you will receive an email notification from the Foundation advising you of this, and any other additional steps that may be taken.

Stage 3

Stage 3 is an opportunity for the Foundation to learn more about your proposed project or program through the completion of a written application form through the Foundation’s online grant portal.

For grant applications under the Service Delivery and Research Project grant type, grant-seekers may request that Foundation staff review their application and provide comments to help strengthen the application. After comments are provided, grant-seekers will have an opportunity to make revisions to their application and re-submit it.

Stage 4

Once the application is submitted through the grant portal, it will be reviewed by the Foundation Board of Directors at their next meeting and a decision will be made.

Stage 5

Grant-seekers will be informed of the decision in the week following the board meeting and a grant agreement will be sent out for signatures if approved.