Who Can Apply

  • Non-profits
  • Indigenous communities and organizations

Grant-seeking organizations based outside Alberta must demonstrate substantial connections within the province. Additionally, their proposed programs or research projects must directly benefit young Albertans.

Grant-seekers do not need to be registered charities. Grant-seekers do not need to identify as specifically law-focused organizations as long as the proposed work relates to Canadian law or Indigenous law.


The Foundation has established specific outcomes for the Youth Legal Initiatives Fund as identified through community consultation.

Proposed projects must align with at least one of the key outcomes listed below.


Engagement in policy discussions and reforms to address systemic issues affecting youth and young people, leading to legislative changes that benefit young individuals.


Ensure equitable access to the justice system for youth and young people through legal research and law reform.


Implementation of legal programs that equip youth and young people with the knowledge and skills to prevent legal issues before they escalate.

Improved Legal Literacy & Education

Increased understanding among youth and young people about legal options, processes, terminology, and their rights within the legal system.

Reduced Legal Vulnerability

Decrease in the number of youth and young individuals facing legal issues without proper guidance or representation.

Legal Empowerment & Self-Advocacy

Youth feel empowered to advocate for themselves and take action when faced with a legal issue.

Positive Legal Outcomes

Increased success rates in legal cases involving youth and young people, leading to better outcomes in court proceedings.


Lower rates of youth and young individuals involvement in repeat legal issues due to early intervention and guidance.

Grant Types and Amounts

There are two grant types:

Needs Assessments & Program Design Projects:

The maximum amount available for each project is $50,000. Organizations may bring multiple projects; however, each must meet a distinct need.

Grant funding is intended to support communities and organizations to undertake:

  • Needs assessment to further determine the legal needs of youth in communities across Alberta, and/or
  • Program design and implementation projects to determine how best to respond to an identified legal need amongst youth in Alberta.

What information should be addressed in a Needs Assessment & Program Design Application?

Service Delivery and Research Projects:

The maximum amount available for each program or research project is $250,000 per year or a total of $750,000 over three years.

Grant funding is intended to support:

  • Projects that expand the capacity of existing legal service offerings to youth;
  • Projects that have completed a successful pilot or programs currently providing legal services to youth in Alberta;
  • Pilot projects emerging from a needs assessment and/or program design project; and
  • Projects that undertake legal research for the purpose of policy reform and/or advocacy on youth-related issues.

The Foundation may direct applicants to apply to the Youth Legal Initiatives – Needs Assessment and Program Design Fund first if its felt it will be a benefit to the proposed program or research project.

What kind of proposals are eligible?

On an exception basis, the Foundation may accept applications under both types of grants for budgets higher than the maximum amount if it is determined that the needs of the project dictates additional funding. This can be discussed with Foundation staff and may require a different process than what is outlined here.

Research and Community Consultation

The Foundation extends its sincere gratitude to the community members and individuals who generously contributed their time, insights, and expertise throughout the research and consultation process for this fund. Your valuable input has been instrumental in shaping the direction and priorities of the Foundation’s efforts, ensuring that this fund is responsive to the diverse needs and aspirations of the communities we serve. The Foundation deeply appreciates your collaboration and commitment to enhancing accessibility to comprehensive legal support for youth thereby lowering barriers, empowering informed decision-making, and ultimately increasing the availability and effectiveness of legal services for youth and young people in Alberta.

We also want to acknowledge the valuable research materials that informed this youth grant call. By integrating this knowledge into our process, the Foundation is better equipped to support organizations and communities in addressing the most pressing needs of youth effectively. As we embark on this grant call, the Foundation anticipates continued learning and collaboration to further refine our approach and to better meet the needs of young Albertans.

The Summary of Research Findings can be found here:

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