Even in the face of COVID, where it was necessary to maintain our distance, communities and organizations across Alberta still found a way to connect on a human level. This connection is more than just statistics – it is the impact on every person touched by the staff and volunteers of the organizations funded by the Foundation.

Calgary Youth Justice Society

Is responsible for the implementation and support of the operations of 14 Youth Justice Committees in Calgary which help young people find their way through challenging life circumstances and sometimes poor choices that can get in the way of reaching their full potential.

The Calgary Police Service Youth Diversion project ensures that all youth facing minor charges, who are eligible to be diverted from the formal justice processes, have that opportunity. Pre-charge Extrajudicial Sanctions (Section 10 YCJA) referrals from CPS to Youth Justice Committees increased by 300% since 2020. This earlier intervention means that more young people will have access to this meaningful community-based response with a successful completion rate of over 95%.

Youth Justice Committee volunteers have a special connection with youth who are diverted from court into the hands of caring neighbours. The approach is always unique to the individual and focused on helping the young person to be accountable for their actions, without holding them back. The Youth Justice Committee Coordination Project builds capacity of Youth Justice Committee volunteers to successfully contribute to the administration of youth justice.

“The process of writing his apology made him reflect more deeply on the effects of his actions on others and reinforced the value of taking responsibility for his own actions, especially when such actions hurt others.” – Parent of a Youth

Alberta Law Libraries

Works to remove barriers for self/unrepresented litigants so Albertans who are seeking to better understand a legal situation or problem, those seeking to fill an information need, and those needing to better understand options and alternatives as they relate to legal matters have a place to find reliable, and accurate legal resources.

“With a purpose statement of ‘Alberta Law Libraries promote informed engagement with the law, encouraging broad access to justice’, [Alberta Law Libraries] staff bring a uniquely human element to the work assisting people in identifying and promoting quality legal resources, and in educating users on how to navigate these types of tools.

Most of our visitors are facing situations that require serious decision making, problem solving, and the acquisition of legal knowledge. Our team is here to support these endeavours and with access to unmatched resources.” – Dale Barrie – Director, Alberta Law Libraries

Worker’s Resource Centre

Provides information, assistance and individual representation to workers in Alberta who need help accessing their rights and entitlements under certain provincial and federal employment legislation.

“2021 has been full of many challenges, but I am constantly amazed at the resiliency of individuals and their dedication to assisting others even in times of difficulty. One of our clients was having issues with an AISH appeal. He had immigrated to Canada a few years prior and was confined to a wheelchair due to a childhood illness. He and his wife had a very young family he needed to support financially but he is unable to work due to illness. We contacted his medical team, past and present, assisting him in tracking down medical documents for proof of injury and were successful in his AISH appeal.” – Carolyn Krahn – Executive Director

Portage College

Partners with community agencies and representatives throughout the Northeast region of Alberta to ensure that public and community legal education and information needs are being addressed through the provision of information, resources, and education on a variety of legal topics.

“I enjoyed this a lot and hope there will be other courses I can attend. Thanks for putting it on. I am already recommending it to other people. Keep up the good work and I hope it does have the effect of enlightening people to why things need to change.” – Workshop Participant

Alberta 7th Step

Four decades of providing programming that deglamorizes the criminal lifestyle from ex-offenders who speak of their own personal choices and experiences while providing legal and community resources to youth in Alberta.

“This program is very valuable. As teachers we can help facilitate the conversation about consequences of their [students’] choices but the real life testimony from someone who has lived it has more impact.”
– Teacher

“This is absolutely a valuable program as it brings a living, breathing, human face to the stories they are often detached from. To hear this story live and meet you [Mitch] gives true insight into their choices and the reality of things.” – Teacher

Crowsnest Pass Women’s Resource& Crisis Centre

Aims to be there for the people that have sought out or require legal guidance, or legal assistance to provide them support and assistance so that they can take the knowledge that has been acquired and use it to navigate the system, with less uncertainty and more likelihood of dealing with their issues than avoiding them thereby leading to more complicated issues.

“We have the luxury of living in a smaller community, people have the tendency to become part of your extended family, and when people are your family, you will do anything for them. Part of the effectiveness of our legal program is because of the welcoming nature of the Centre. Clients come and go but most become our people. People that we protect and help to grow. People that know there is someplace that cares about them, about what happens to them.” – Margaret Byrne – Legal Resource Advisor