Grants Awarded April 2023 to March 2024


Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre – $780,800
Provides legal research, publications and education on civil liberties and human rights.

Alberta Law Reform Institute – $824,000
Research into law and the administration of justice and proposing law reform

Canadian Bar Association – Alberta – $17,000
Legislative Review Officer assists the Legislative Review Committee to review all bills prior to first reading and summarize bills passing through the Legislature.

Canadian Centre for Housing Rights – $208,444
A comprehensive examination of eviction decisions in Alberta to gain insight into discrepancies between the standards of international human rights law and legislative requirements, and the practical outcomes in eviction hearings in the province.

Canadian Institute of Resources Law – $230,484
Legal research, education and publication activities.

Centre for Constitutional Studies – $428,100
Legal research, education and publication activities.


Alberta Law Libraries – $1,370,000
Maintenance of the Alberta Law Libraries collections.


Alberta Seventh Step Society – $285,504
Education in the schools about the criminal justice system from the viewpoint of the ex-offender.

Alberta Workers’ Health Centre
Work Plays Schools Program – $270,000
Dramatic presentations to school audiences across the province aimed at teaching students about their rights and responsibilities at work and covers topics relating to OHS legislation, employment standards, workplace safety, codes and practices, and human rights law.

Calgary Youth Justice Society
Calgary Police Service Youth Diversion Project Grant – $105,000
Provides education to Calgary Police Service members to increase knowledge, understanding and utilization of Section 18 of the Youth Criminal Justice Act. It also provides Calgary Police Service support in adapting related policies, practices and procedures to support youth diversion from formal justice processes to ensure that all eligible youth have an opportunity to be diverted from court for offences less serious in nature.
Youth Justice Committee Coordination Project Grant – $96,600
Provides legal education to community volunteers involved with their local Youth Justice Committee, to parents of youth involved in the criminal justice system, and to the general public and community partners to increase understanding of the youth justice system and what is required to be involved in and support youth criminal justice processes.

Canadian Legal Information Institute – $304,040
A project to systematically summarize all of Alberta’s historical case law and current decisions as they become available, as well as consolidated legislation.

Canadian National Institute for the Blind – $102,156
Development of the Know Your Rights – Alberta project providing people with sight loss and their trusted intermediaries with plain-language, practical legal information that specifically address the barriers faced by Albertans with sight loss.

Diversecities Community Association – $154,848
Law and Advocacy Program – Provides public legal education and information, assistance, advocacy and referral, with a focus on individuals in the Chinese-speaking community of Calgary, who are facing language, cultural and financial barriers to addressing their legal issues.

Family Advocacy Support Centre – $149,210
Education, information and advocacy for parents and mandated reporters who need support understanding and navigating the child welfare system and legislation.

Institute for African Advancement – $180,982
Provision of translated legal education materials and legal information workshops to help address the barriers faced by African families, youth, immigrants, and newcomers in Alberta with understanding legal access, procedures, and obtaining assistance within the Canadian legal system.

Islamic Family & Social Services Association – $177,406
Creation of culturally relevant multi-media legal education resources in English, Arabic, and Somali.

Kinbrace Community Society – $312,600
Improving accessibility and translating all materials on the national Refugee Hearing Preparation Guide website that provides region-specific, accurate, and up-to-date information about refugee laws and procedures, as well as community resources and services, available to claimants.

Legal Resource Centre (which operates as the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta) – $673,000
Makes the law understandable for Albertans by providing free plain language legal information and learning resources online, in print and through videos and webinars.

Portage College, Lac La Biche – $114,508
Provision of public legal education workshops in north-east Alberta.

Worker’s Resource Centre
Public Legal Education Program – $200,060
Provides plain-language educational workshops for marginalized Alberta workers on employment-related rights, obligations and benefits.


The Elizabeth Fry Society – Calgary – $358,117
An Indigenous restorative justice program and community collaborative, Soksipaitapiisin, which addresses the underlying core issues of criminalization through a healing centred approach, supporting criminalized Indigenous populations actively involved in the criminal justice system with legal matters before the Calgary Indigenous Court.

University of Alberta, Faculty of Law, Indigenous Law Students Association – $10,000
Organization and presentation of the annual 5-day Speakers Series on Indigenous justice issues.

University of Alberta, Faculty of Law, Wahkohtowin Law and Governance Lodge
Functional Space Plan Project – $150,000
Assessment and planning for a physical space.

University of Alberta, Faculty of Law, Wahkohtowin Law and Governance Lodge
Community-Directed Research and Learning
 – $1,074,114
The Wahkohtowin Law and Governance Lodge is a dedicated Indigenous law research unit based out of the University of Alberta with the objective of upholding Indigenous laws through community-directed research and learning. The goals are to:
– Support Indigenous communities’ goal to identify, articulate, and implement their own laws and governance,
– Develop, gather, amplify, and transfer wise practices, promising methods and research tools, and
– Produce useful and accessible public legal education resources.

Yellowhead Tribal Community Corrections Society – $217,780
Identification and prioritization of legal needs within the Yellowhead Tribal Council communities and development of a programmatic response plan.


Alexandra Community Health Centre – $88,776
Provision of legal information and referrals to adult and youth clients by a justice navigator.

Calgary Legal Guidance 
Legal Advice Clinic – $3,300,000
Volunteer legal advice clinic, follow-up legal advice and representation; public legal education, information and referrals in Calgary and area.

Child Welfare Pre-Apprehension Law Project – $110,000
Provides legal advice, guidance and representation when required during pre-apprehension Children and Family Services investigations and interventions.

Central Alberta Legal Clinic Foundation
Volunteer Lawyer Clinic Services and Immigration Law Project – $1,358,114
Volunteer legal advice clinic, follow-up legal advice and representation; public legal education, information and referrals throughout Central Alberta, Medicine Hat, Lloydminster and Fort McMurray.

Alberta Rural Legal Assistance Initiative Project – $192,800
An extension to Central Alberta Legal Clinic Foundation’s Follow-Up Program, providing follow-up legal advice service to the rural and remote sites in Central Alberta, Medicine Hat, Fort McMurray and Lloydminster.

Crowsnest Pass Women’s Resource and Crisis Centre – $112,000
Provides free legal information, support and referral services to residents of southwestern rural Alberta.

Distress Centre/ Safe Communities Opportunity and Resource Centre (SORCe)  – $243,690
Provision of legal information, assistance, and referrals to people experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness.

Edmonton Community Legal Centre
Legal Advice Clinic$2,788,284
Volunteer legal advice clinic, follow-up legal advice and representation; public legal education, information and referrals in Edmonton and northern regions including Grande Prairie.
Legal Services Coordinator Expansion Project $154,216
Increases capacity to provide legal information and referrals, as well as scheduling and preparing clients for summary legal advice clinic visits.

FearIsNotLove – $259,000
Provision of legal information, assistance and referral to vulnerable women.

Calgary John Howard Society  – $205,100
Provision of restorative justice programming and education for youth (12-17 years old) who have engaged in Harmful Sexual Behaviours.

John Howard Society of Red Deer – $103,300
Provision of identification services, information, and advocacy to individuals engaged with the justice system for whom access to the administration of justice is disproportionately affected by a lack of government identification.

Lethbridge Legal Guidance – $575,580
Volunteer legal advice clinic, follow-up legal advice and representation; public legal education, information and referrals in Southern Alberta.

Luna Child and Youth Advocacy Centre – $93,400
Provision of legal information, assistance, and referral to child and youth victims of abuse and their caregivers in Calgary as they navigate the criminal court process.

Rowan House Society – $102,044
Provision of legal information, assistance and referral to vulnerable women.

Student Legal Assistance, University of Calgary – $652,550
Provision of legal information and assistance to the community by University of Calgary law students.

Student Legal Services of Edmonton – $434,998
Provision of legal information and assistance to the community by law students.

University of Calgary, Faculty of Law, Pro Bono Students Canada – $39,499
Coordinates law student volunteers who deliver pro bono legal services under the supervision of volunteer lawyers to communities, organizations and individuals in need.

Woman’s Centre of Calgary – $102,480
The Legal Advice Clinic provides free, half-hour advice sessions to women on matters such as family issues, civil cases and other types of matters, now including immigration and criminal law.

Worker’s Resource Centre
Case Work Program – $463,960
Provides information, assistance and representation to help vulnerable workers in Alberta access their legislated benefits and entitlements.

Youth Restorative Action Project – $104,500

Support for programming to administer the restorative justice processes of the youth justice committee, including Extrajudicial Sanctions panels and Section 19 conferences, in Edmonton and surrounding rural areas.


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