Accessible justice for all Albertans


Advance access to justice by supporting collaboration and innovation in the delivery of legal services and the administration of justice in Alberta.


  • Integrity, excellence and accountability
  • Priority for organizations assisting vulnerable populations
  • Collaboration, outcome-based evaluation and accountability across the justice sector
  • Evidence-based solutions providing the best value and impact
  • Responsive to well-identified justice sector needs while recognizing the scope and responsibilities of the government and private sector

  • Fiscal transparency and prudence


The Alberta Law Foundation was created in 1973 under the Legal Profession Act with the following objects:

  • Conducting research into and recommending reform of law and the administration of justice

  • Establishing, maintaining, and operating law libraries

  • Contributing to the legal education and knowledge of the people of Alberta and providing programs and facilities for those purposes

  • Providing assistance to native people’s legal programs, student legal aid programs, and programs of like nature

  • Contributing to the costs incurred by the Legal Aid Society of Alberta to administer a plan to provide legal aid. (This contribution has been legislated to be 25% of revenue from lawyers’ pooled trust accounts)

Strategic Priorities


Invest in sustainable and effective initiatives that have a demonstrable impact on Albertans navigating the justice system in Alberta


Build sector capacity by being a resource and community convener in the justice sector


Demonstrate leadership through a culture of inclusivity, communication, and collaboration