Created in 1973, the Alberta Law Foundation’s primary source of revenue is the interest that financial institutions pay to the Foundation on lawyers’ pooled trust accounts. At least 25% of this interest revenue is used annually to fund Legal Aid Alberta. The Foundation also funds programs and projects that help Albertans access the legal information and support they need.

Legal Research and Law Reform

Research initiatives that develop recommendations for reforming the law or the administration of justice help ensure that the law and the justice system evolve to meet the needs of society today.

Law Libraries

Law libraries that are accessible to the public enable all Albertans to access the information and tools they need to understand the law and how it applies to them.

Public Legal Information and Education

Legal information and education available in multiple formats, in plain language, helps Albertans understand their legal rights and obligations and what they can expect from the justice system.

Legal Assistance for individuals facing barriers

Affordable legal advice, representation and other direct legal supports help individuals protect and exercise their rights under the law and obtain the benefits they are entitled to. This is especially important for individuals living with low income, disabilities, language, cultural or other barriers, racialized Albertans and Indigenous individuals.

Legal Aid Alberta

Legal Aid Alberta provides legal representation to our most vulnerable citizens facing the most serious legal issues such as criminal charges, child welfare and family law issues. The Foundation contributes at least 25% of its annual revenue from interest on lawyers’ trust accounts to support the operations of Legal Aid Alberta.